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Tingley Beach Trek – a “Race for the Rest of Us”!

Tingley Beach

We are so excited to run in the inaugural Tingley Beach Trek – an “adventure” race!  Afterward, we’ll head over to La Cumbre Brewing Company for a cold beer and prize-giveaway.  With Saturday temps predicted at 82 degrees and a forecast of mostly sunny we’ll be enjoying springtime in New Mexico outdoors!

What the heck is this?!  Adventure racing can include “trail running, mountain biking, paddling, climbing, orienteering and other adventurous sports,” says Jon Pier, founder of the Tingley Beach Trek and President of Advent Health & Wellness

I caught up with Jon to find out exactly what we signed ourselves up for this Saturday.  The Tingley Beach Trek won’t have mountain biking or rock climbing, but Jon tells me “it is certainly not just a trail run either. Our event is short in duration, and some of the ‘disciplines’ are literally yard games…”  Jon says he and his wife Stephanie “always wanted to host a unique activity-based event for individuals who were tired of the same old offerings, and who want to be healthy, but don’t want it to feel like ‘work’.”

Tingley Beach

A “Race For the Rest of Us”:
So I asked Jon why someone wouldn’t just run a regular race instead.  Jon says, “There are plenty of 5 and 10K’s out there, and running a marathon is a major accomplishment, but it’s not for everybody.  So Advent Health & Wellness is encouraging people to get in some exercise by taking part in one of the ‘Races for the Rest of Us’, a shorter combination of exercise and fun. Our races are not necessarily better, but they are very different!”

Thankfully, this also means that elbow pads and goggles are not necessary; according to Jon, “trail running shoes and some tough skin should be more than enough.”

More to Come:  If you love the first race or if you didn’t sign up but wished you had, there will be more events like this one.  Jon says he will be “offering a whole series of events in 2011 and expanding into 2012. We will definitely have another Tingley Trek or very similar race. The response has been great.”

Event logo

Advent Health & Wellness is a family-owned, New Mexico business that specializes in workplace and individual fitness and health.  They use tools ranging from web-based tracking and incentive programs to outdoor boot camps, to events like the Tingley Beach Trek.  Everyone finds health and fitness in different ways, but Advent Health & Wellness always focuses on fun.

Sponsors:  And thanks to the sponsors:  La Cumbre Brewery, Sunflower Market, Heel Pharmaceuticals, and Sisco Sprinkler Supply (for helping with the cost of some of the “obstacles”).

What:  Tingley Beach Trek
Where: Tingley Beach, Albuquerque (directions)
When: Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 11:00 am, participants meet in parking lot at 10:30 am

Check back with us on Monday to find out how the race went and view photos!

On Tuesday, we’ll post the plans for our next Wellness Experience . . .



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