Cleaning up the Bosque

Recently we took our new puppy on a walk to the bosque for a nice long walk.  We really love the bosque’s trails and winter time is no exception.  During the winter my son likes to look up in the trees for porcupine nests and bird nests.  It is the perfect time to see the wild life habitats because the trees are dormant.

While on this walk my son noticed that the trails needed some maintenance.  He was finding trash all over the place and took it upon himself to find a plastic bag while walking and started picking it up.  I was really proud of my kiddo for noticing and even more impressed when he started to clean it up.  Our walk turned into a day of clean-up at one of our favorite places.  It was an easy way of doing community service without having to really think about it.  What have you done for your community lately?


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