Hello and Welcome.  My name is Sway and  I am in the pursuit of health and well-being.  I am a mother, wife, and student of this game called life.  I am in love with the outdoors and the quest for adventure.  I love to snow shoe under the stars, kayak in the hot sun, and go on lazy strolls in the bosque with my son.

Hello!  My name is Rebecca and I’m the proud guardian of two dogs – one is super active and the other likes to lounge in the sun.  I like to think they both take after me.  For my endorphine fix, I prefer soccer, running, yoga, and just about any group-exercise class.  I strive to keep an open mind about new experiences, people, and ideas . . . and cheese, I really love cheese.


4 responses to “Founders

  1. Hey Ladies,
    I was doing some Santa Fe research for an upcoming trip and found your site. I wanted to share with you my company that puts together yoga and travel adventures around the world. We are planning one to Santa Fe in September and thought you might have some ideas and may even want to write about us. Our website is

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