The Wellness Experiment was born of our desire to experience the beauty of New Mexico and to learn from the wellness practitioners in our own community.  We love hiking, running, yoga, and camping.  We take pleasure in buying local, cooking fresh, and entertaining for family and friends.  We believe that exploration and adventure are worthwhile pursuits.

Does this mean we don’t skip workouts to sleep in or overindulge sometimes?  Of course not.  We just prefer to follow a long hike with a glass of wine and savory cheese.  We are experimenting with the best ways to get moving and be well, while also hoping to inspire you to do the same.  It’s clear we aren’t the only ones interested in living well and to share our journey, we developed The Wellness Experiment.

Through the Wellness Experiment we aim to discover, experience, and share the best wellness activities in New Mexico. We work to uncover all the wonderful and healthy experiences that New Mexico has to offer.  We try them out:  familiar or unique, indoors or outdoors, luxurious or minimalist.  Then we report back to you with all the details so you can spend your time and money only on what works for you.  Join us in the pursuit of good health and happiness in New Mexico!

~Sway and Rebecca


6 responses to “About

  1. What a great project. It looks like fun and it definitely looks captivating and inspiring. I hope you get a huge following.

  2. This is what New Mexico and the public of New Mexico should be all about. You have my full support and can not wait to see this grow!!

  3. Thank you Dana! We are looking forward to the Corrales Bike and Wine Tour next weekend.

  4. Derek Passarelli

    I admire your positive and creative approach to experiencing all that is around you. I am very curious about all that New Mexico has to offer. I look forward to your updates.

  5. Thank you Derek, we hope you join us sometime.

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