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Santa Fe School of Cooking

Hello Dear Readers!  Happy New Year!  Sorry for the recent hiatus, but as you could’ve guessed Christmas and the end of the year got extremely busy for us here at the Wellness Experiment.  Instead of starting the New Year with your typical “get fit” type of post, I decided that a much better topic would be delicious food!  Cooking, my friends, is surely a great way to be healthy and happy.  Without further ado . . .

The following is a guest post from Olivia Suarez. She is my sister, mother of 4 and a domestic goddess ;)

What to do when you are in a cooking rut . . .

Take a class! Several weeks ago I went to a cooking class at the world famous Santa Fe School of Cooking.  (They really are world famous; there was a couple who traveled all the way from Australia in our class!)  They proudly boast a spot in “1001 Things to do Before you Die” book.  I received the class as a gift and attended with my two sisters in law and my mother in law.  I t was a very neat experience that ended with eating the meal.  Yummy!

This class featured a Southwest brunch menu.  I watched head chef Jeremiah Shultz and sous chef Noe Cano cook up chipotle spinach and goat cheese quiche, blue corn pecan pancakes, fresh berry compote, huevos rancheros for a crowd, and chorizo cottage fried potatoes.  In addition to the menu, the chefs also gave instruction on red chile and pinto beans.  The entire class was a demonstration of the menu along with general cooking tips.  Some of the native ingredients and spices, such as canela and pinons, were passed around to smell and feel.  Questions were answered during the class as well as after.  Throughout the class I learned about the culinary history of northern NM and the influence Santa Fe has had on the culinary world.  We are very fortunate to have such a culinary destination right here in New Mexico.

The meal afterward was DELICIOUS!  The flavors were not over powering yet plentiful.  It tasted very much like the food my mother makes and grandmothers used to make for us.  The best part was taking what I learned and making the dishes at home for my family.  I was nervous that just watching the chefs wouldn’t be enough for me to be able to recreate the food but everything turned out wonderful with plenty of compliments. 

In addition to the class the school had a store full of traditional spices, ingredients and cooking supplies.  A wall full of cookbooks caught my eye and I purchased two of the school’s own books:  “The Santa Fe School of Cooking Cookbook” and “Santa Fe School of Cooking Flavors of the Southwest.”

It was a great experience for both learning and eating.  Sometimes they offer the classes on the Groupon website for a great deal.  I am looking forward to going back for more lessons and tasting.

Thank you so much Olivia for sharing this tasty experience with us!  I’d be happy to taste test any time you want to practice your new cooking skills.



Sunrise Springs Inn and Retreat

My husband and I discovered this great little retreat in Santa Fe that is eco-friendly, beautiful and affordable.  We ran into this place on our way to wine festival one year and now spend a few nights here and there during the summer time.  This fabulous place is called the Sunrise Springs Inn and Retreat and let me tell you, it is just that!  It is located on 70 acres and is about a 1/2 mile away from Las Golondrinas.  The grounds are gorgeous with its  beautiful koi ponds,  native landscaping, private hot tubs, a few saunas, meditation rooms and an art gallery.   It is the perfect tranquil retreat.

 What makes this place especially appealing to me is that is an eco-friendly retreat.  The restaurant on site is called the Blue Heron Restaurant and uses organic and locally grown ingredients.  It also serves organic and biodynamic wines and offers organic coffee in the rooms.  This place even has their own garden where the produce is used at the restaurant and their unusable items are composted back into the garden.  The complimentary breakfast also includes greek organic yogurt, fruits, and quality breads and pastries.

Sunrise Springs, Santa Fe, Las Golondrinas, eco-friendly resort

the grounds at Sunrise Springs.

There is a  jr. olympic size pool, a nice fitness room and you can even schedule a message for the ultimate relaxation.   There are two types of rooms, and  we have stayed in both.  Room one, is a garden view room which overlooks the grounds and has a balcony so you can sit outside if you wish.  It is spacious with a spacious bathroom, saltillo tile, and comfortable beds.   The second is a ‘casita’.  These are great and very private.  They have a  beautiful gas fireplace, a yoga room and a private courtyard and entrance.  That is my favorite!  The rooms are about 89.00 a night and the casitas are about 120.00.  I think that is a steal considering it is Santa Fe.  I hope you have a chance to visit this place.  It is a nice little getaway that is close to home.


Santa Fe Wine Festival

Happy Independence Day!

local wineries and nice big shade trees

It’s a tough job but somebody has to try out all of these local wine festivals to let you know which ones are the best.  On Saturday we had the pleasure of visiting the Santa Fe Wine Festival at Las Golondrinas.  If you’re hesitant to try a wine festival because you’ve heard about the long lines and hot weather that sometimes overwhelms other wine festivals, calendar the Santa Fe Wine Festival at Las Golondrinas for next year.  You’ll enjoy a slower pace, smaller crowds, and lower temperatures than Bernalillo Wine Festival or the Albuquerque Wine Festival at Balloon Fiesta Park.  This wine fest features plenty of vendors selling local honey, goat cheese, jewelry, and art.  There is also live music and plenty of yummy culinary delights to satisfy your hunger.

local cheese, foods, and pottery

If you’re looking to indulge for the weekend book a room at the Sunrise Springs Inn and Retreat which is just a short walk from Las Golondrinas.  (We’ll give you a look inside this eco spa soon!)

El Rancho de Las Golondrinas is a living history museum

Enjoy the day friends!

There are beautifully landscaped grounds perfect for strolling and sipping wine.

Santa Fe Wine Festival -Las Golondrinas

Santa Fe Wine Festival, Las GolondrinasAs you may already know wine festival is my favorite holiday of the year and the Santa Fe Wine Festival is one of my top two!  It is set in the historical setting of Las Golondrinas.  Las Golondrinas holds a special place in my heart as my grandmother remembers playing there as a child.  It is a 200 acre Spanish colonial museum complete with original buildings and costumed docents who greet you at the gate.  The lines are minimal compared to the Albuquerque and Bernalillo Wine Festivals and that is what I love about it.  My husband and I make a weekend out of it as we stay at the eco spa just down the road.  Here are the details and Happy 4th of July!


Dates:  July 2 and 3, 2011.
Time:   12 noon to 6 pm.
Adult Admission:   $13.   Includes festival wine glass.
Youth Admission:   $5   (13 – 20 years old).
Anyone under the age of 21 must be accompanied be a legal age guardian.
Wine sales and tasting ends at 6 pM.


  • From Santa Fe via I-25:
    Take I-25 south and exit on 276. Head north on the 599 Bypass.
    Get into the left lane right away and take a left on West Frontage Rd.
    Go about 1/2 mile, and take a right on Los Pinos Rd.
    Travel 3.2 miles on Los Pinos Rd.
  • From Santa Fe via 599:
    Go south on 599.
    Right before you get to where it intersects with 1-25, go right on West Frontage Rd.
    Go about 1/2 mile, and take a right on Los Pinos Rd.
    Travel 3.2 miles on Los Pinos Rd.
  • From Albuquerque:
    Take I-25 north and exit on 276. Head north on the 599 Bypass.
    Get into the left lane right away and take a left on West Frontage Rd.
    Go about 1/2 mile, and take a right on Los Pinos Rd.
    Travel 3.2 miles on Los Pinos Rd.