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Now that the weather is getting warmer we have been wanting to spend more time outside.  We have picked up a new hobby that allows our family to do the majority of the work inside and the best part outside.  What is this new found fun we have been enjoying?  Rocket launching!  It is a lot of fun to build and paint these and have a launch party with some of your favorite kiddos.  You can buy these relatively inexpensive kits at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.  The kit we bought costs about $30.00 and included 2 rockets, a launching pad and an ignitor.  Plus we bought the engines ( 13.00 for 3 of them).

making sure we followed the directions properly before our launch

Hint:  If you sign up for Michael’s email you automatically get a 50% off one item coupon.  We used it to buy a pack of 24 engines.  So instead of paying $80.00 for them we paid $40.00.  There is also a 50% off coupon in the entertainment book.

Once you buy the kit with the launch pad you only have to buy the rockets which cost anywhere from $7.99-$16.99.  The rockets vary in size and the height that they will launch.  For instance, we have a rocket that launches 1,200 feet up and another that launches 500 feet up.

Are you asking yourself, where do we have all of this fun?  Well, we launch at the West Mesa Open Space and for the rockets that don’t launch so high we light in my parents pasture.  We have rounded up a few kids and parents from my son’s school and the boys have a blast.  Their favorite part is racing to retrieve the rockets after they launch.  Happy lift-off!


the race to the rocket