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Prenatal Yoga Is Not . . .

. . . running, spinning, playing soccer, or boot camp.  There is no open road or grassy field to distract your mind.  There aren’t high fives and there’s no goooooaaaaaallllll!  No one is timing you or telling you to pump out a few more reps.  Yoga isn’t a competition.  It’s just you and your mat.  If you want to be distracted by treadmills and TVs buzzing, weights clanking, or chatter about workdays and other gossip, you wont’ find it in Molly’s prenatal class at Hot Yoga Downtown (the prenatal class is not heated).

In attending my first prenatal yoga class I was hoping to get a bit of a workout, maybe some nice restorative stretching, and some quiet time to just relax and settle into myself.  Done and done!

For me, this class won’t be a substitute for a 2 or 3 mile run.  It won’t take the place of a solid core workout.  It is, however, the perfect addition to my current workouts.  Molly’s class is not filled with props and lots of seated, resting positions; although blocks are available if you need them and Molly welcomes you to rest at any time.  Molly leads a modified type of vinyasa flow.  She started the class by explaining that she believes it’s good to be fit throughout your pregnancy.  I did get a good bit of core work and leg work in the class.  My heart rate increased, but not significantly.

More importantly, and since I spend some time working out otherwise, I got in a great deal of stretching, lengthening, and breathing.  Yoga always helps me smooth out my tight muscles.  It allows me to focus on form and my own individual physical self.  This is especially important now because things are feeling pretty different since my belly is housing a little one.

Most importantly, I got 90 minutes of freedom from all of my mental distractions.  I felt less like I was ignoring or escaping reality and more like I was taking the time to set aside some things and focus on relaxing my mind, yet also strengthening my mental state to handle challenges once I step outside the studio. 

I do enjoy the gym, playing on a team, working out with a partner or group, long runs, and yoga.  But I’ve learned that a balance of all those things is what keeps me well-rounded and sane.  I really do try to always apply this wisdom:  “Everything in Moderation.”  It works for me.  What works for you?