Refrigerator Case Study – The Registered Dietician

As promised, I’m taking you to my friend Stefanie’s house for a sneak peak into her refrigerator.  It’s the holidays, in other words, time for eggnog, cookies, and buttered vegetables.  However, Stefanie is a registered dietician so I’m guessing her fridge will be stocked with the good, healthy stuff too.  Let’s see if it’s true!

Stefanie keeps tahini (a type of nut butter) on hand to make fresh hummus.  Sweet, colorful peppers are also in stock for dipping into said hummus.  There are plenty of ingredients ready for New Mexican dishes (e.g. chopped green chile, red chile, corn tortillas, broth, and hamburger meat) to satisfy her husband’s penchant for all foods chile related.  Another dinner staple Stefanie relies on is pasta with meat sauce.

Drawer: cooked chicken, cheese, and spelt flour for muffins

The healthy staples are ready to eat too:  yogurt, fruit, and veggies.  Stefanie also keeps cooked chicken breast available for sandwiches and quick meals.

Stefanie keeps her refridgerator at a steady 40 degrees fahrenheit and uses a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature.

The Door: Stefanie recommends keeping your fish oil supplements in the fridge.

And for a little Christmas cheer?  On the top shelf of the main fridge, you’ll see a bottle of white wine and behind the milk a bottle of Rose’s Lime juice (for vodka gimlets of course).  So, Stefanie’s fridge wasn’t all celery and soy milk.  With the New Mexican foods, cheese, Greek yogurt and fruit supply it’s a fridge I’d raid any day.

Merry Christmas dear readers!  May you have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Christmas with your family and friends.


P.S.  Stefanie often contributes to articles about food and nutrition in the Albuquerque Journal.  Most recently, she shared her recipe for slimming down your typical holiday egg nog.  Find it here.


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