A Crafty Christmas With Kids

My son loves art so much that I wanted to make the month of December really special for him.  So, in anticipation of this fun month I purchased a kit from The Land of Nod that includes about a month worth of crafts for my child.  This kit is also great for families that have more than one child.  

The kit includes:  6 Cards, 40 paper chains, 4 felt ornaments, stuffing, 2 picture frames, ribbons, stickers, buttons, glitter glue, sequins, printed papers, floss, cardboard confetti tree, crepe paper, tissue paper, crunch and stick wreath, glue stick, sticky gems, sticky dots, crinkle paper, construction paper, paper cutting stencils, plastic needle and easy illustrated instructions.  (The only item I needed was markers.)

Everything you need is self-contained in a super cute christmas case.  He will have a variety of different crafty activities to choose from and we can display them throughout our home for the holiday season.

I especially love watching his creativity through his artwork and this also helps with his fine motor skills.  What kind of crafty activities do you like to do with your kids over Christmas vacation?



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