The Petrified Forest National Park: Part II The Painted Desert

some of the spectacular scenes from the Painted Desert

Visiting the Petrified National Park was fun and it was neat to see huge forest trees in the middle of the desert.  About half way through this park there is another scenic area of badlands, mesas, and buttes called the Painted Desert.  It reminds me of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting because the colors are just amazing.  When I think of a desert landscape I think of brown barren land that is boring and desolate.  The Painted Desert is nothing like this.  It is vibrant, beautiful and full of life.  The colors range from yellow, orange and red to purple, gray and black.

I wish the sky would have been blue this day to make my photos perfect, but you get the idea of the landscape.  I love seeing how all of the different minerals were laid down over time.  This place was like no place I have seen before.  One of my favorite scenes was the Teepees (see below), a cluster of teepee shaped badlands that protrude out of the landscape.  All of these are different but similar at the same time.  I have a new found appreciation for the desert landscape.

The Painted Desert Teepees

Other places to visit inside the Petrified National Park…

Painted Desert Visitor Center and Park Headquarters
Latitude: 35.06543746738773
Longitude: -109.78153824806213

Rainbow Forest Museum
Latitude: 34.81517743163217
Longitude: -109.86576497554779

Painted Desert Inn National Historic Landmark
Latitude: 35.08343319608185
Longitude: -109.78861391544342

Do you have a favorite place like this you would like to share?



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