Grow Some and Hunt Some

We’re not great farmers, but we like to try.  Our backyard has a couple of raised planters where we grow a variety of vegetables like obligatory tomatoes, mesclun, carrots, kale, peppers, turnips, etc.  Despite our efforts, if we were only farmers, we’d starve.  So we supplement our produce with Los Poblanos harvest boxes

Mountain Views in the Carson National Forest

Alas, we are not vegetarian.  We like our bacon, grilled ribeye, and roasted chicken too.  Which brings me to T’s weekend adventures this fall:  hunting.  Unfortunately for me, he won’t be hunting pigs, cows, or chickens.  He and his brother hunt deer near Magdalena in southern New Mexico with a muzzleloader and elk in San Juan National Forest in southwestern Colorado.  It’s taken some time for me to acquire a taste for elk.  When we first got married, he insisted elk was good stuff and also very economical because he could hunt it and therefore we didn’t have to buy expensive meat from the grocery store.  I was not convinced.  I didn’t care for it at all, which did not please T.  Over the years, I’ve adjusted and now I do enjoy certain cuts – the good stuff – like elk tenderloin.  I’m still not crazy about ground elk, but I can hide it well in stew or a bowl of green chile and beans.

Surveying the Landscape for Deer

I’ve never hunted anything other than fish, but I guess that that’s fishing.  T really loves it.  He gets to get out town with his brother and hike around the forest enjoying the outdoors, all with the very primal purpose of acquiring food for his family.

Carson National Forest in Southern New Mexico

So for T, hunting satisfies all sorts of needs, namely providing food and connecting to the beautiful outdoors.  Does anyone in your family hunt?

The Very Large Array is in view - it's a small white patch near the top of this photo.


They did see elk and doe, but no bucks.



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