5 course dinner and beer pairing at Chama River Brewing Company (recap of the evening)

Dinner at Chama River Brewing Company

The night went off without a hitch!  Upon arrival we were seated in the room with the glass walls.  The employees were also dressed for the event.  When we went to check in, we were told to go and see ‘halloweenie’ (a man in a hot dog costume).  The room was tastefully decorated in honor of Halloween.  The tables were grouped together and you were assigned a table.  My husband and I had planned on having this be a ‘date night,’ but upon arrival we found that we knew many people there and that a lot of the attendees were our friends.  That changed the dynamics of our evening, but nevertheless we still had a marvelous time.  The executive chef came out to greet us and told us about the evening menu.  I must say the food was divine and the beer was yummy.  My favorite part of dinner was the roasted duck which was excellent and served with a bed of spicy arugula and delicious house made vinaigrette.  The vinegar they used was also made at Chama River and it was delicious!

we won 'best of show'

About 70% of the people who attended dressed up for the event.  There were numerous costumes and not to mention a costume contest.  I am going to brag a little here.  My husband and I took ‘best of show’ and ended up with 2 prizes that were very generous.  By looking at these photos can you guess who won ‘scariest costume?’

'scariest costume' winners

Overall the evening was wonderful and ended at nine p.m.  I definitely would give this event an A+.  I highly recommend it!

Other's enjoy the evening

having a great time



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