Now the Work: Canning Pears

It’s nice to spend the day picking pears, and pears, and more pears.  Hell, until you start running out of room you don’t even remember to get too picky.  Then when you start to process the pears, you realize you weren’t picky enough.

Picked, rinsed, & ready to be peeled

The pears are now perfectly ripe and ready for canning.  We canned our pears with a water bath, used a simple syrup, and tried to halve most of the pears to maintain a pleasing appearance.

Peeled and ready to be cored

I recall when my mom used to can pears and they were delicious year-round.  I think she added cloves, but we went for plain and simple for this first batch.  My dad enjoys eating them with cottage cheese for dessert.
Our canning guide this year is the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving.  It’s not complicated, directions and recipes are simple, and it has nice large color photos and illustrations (for me, this is practically a requirement when it comes to cookbooks).


Just 7 jars on the first batch. We got started late in the evening, but we'll keep at it. I'm working on my technique to make the pears looks pretty in the jars - any tips?

Have you tried canning?  If so, we’d love know your recipes!



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