Mt. Taylor and the Continental Divide Trail

campsite near San Mateo Springs

My husband is an avid camper and backpacker.  He went out for a weekend to get away and explore a place he has never visited.  He ended up near Mt. Taylor.  Mt. Taylor is located northwest of Grants New Mexico and is one of the nations most endangered mountain ranges.  There he discovered huge mountain ranges that peak at over 11,000 feet.  The particular campsite that he found did not have a formal name but was near the San Mateo Springs.   So, he set up camp and his new hammock and enjoyed the cool 79 degree weather.  Gosh, I was wishing I was with him when the temperatures in Albuquerque were at 96 degrees!

 The first day they spent exploring and hiking near their campsite and taking in the fresh air that always smells so sweet to me in the mountains.  The campsite was hilly which makes it easy to hike and navigate.  The area was green and overcast most of the day which made hiking even more enjoyable.  The second day they ventured to the Continental Divide Trail.

Continental Divide Trailhead

This trail is over 770 miles long in the state of New Mexico alone and continues into Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.  This trail is very universal as you can hike or bike it.  I hope you have a chance to stop by and see this area of New Mexico.  Mt. Taylor is a beautiful place!


flowers that were found on the hike


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