Small -ish Carrots and Ego-Boosting Bush Beans

Cute little carrot (planted in late March). Carrots are great because they can be harvested on an as-needed basis.

Carrots and bush beans are two new crops that we tried this summer.  The carrots are delicious, but sort of puny.  Part of the problem may have been the soil, but I think they were a little too shaded by the larger broccoli plants.  I got the seeds from Urban Store and they were supposed to be multi-color – alas I ended up with all orange.  At least this way I’m sure to get all the carotene I need!  This was not an overly plentiful crop, but we did get some carrots out the deal.  T tells me he will tell our future kids to “go pluck a carrot out of the ground” if they whine for a snack.  I think this is reason enough to grow carrots.  Try it with your kids and let me know how that goes.

Carrots in June (planted in late March)

Bush beans (seeds also purchased from Urban Store) are somewhat unruly but easy enough to grow and these babies produce!  If you feel like a loser gardener because your stupid tomato plants won’t flower or your onion bulbs looked the same after 3 months in the ground, try some bush beans.  They’ll make you feel like a champ. 

2 bush bean plants (planted in July). I used tomato cages to keep them contained.

They are good enough fresh, but if you’re not a vegetable lover you’ll probably prefer them sauteed in butter and bacon grease or gently steamed, slathered with butter and topped with bacon bits.  I’m not too picky so I’ll take them fresh or with butter and bacon.  Either way.

Robust Bush Beans

The beans are very easy to harvest and replant too.  Simply let a few pods overripen and the beans get darker and harder.  The two plants pictured above were planted from beans taken from the first set of bush beans that I planted in March.

Got any mid-summer crops you’d care to brag about?  Tell us about ’em!

P.S.  My lazy tomato plants – ahem, started from seed – are finally producing not-quite-ripe tomatoes.  However, if last year is any indication, we’ll still have enough canned marinara and canned tomatoes to carry us through the year.



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