Time to dust off the ol’ cleats and shinguards

Every year I rally the troops and get everyone organized for a reunion of sorts:  The Annual St. Pius X High School Women’s Alumni Soccer Game.  The alumni return to Ben Rios soccer field and do our best against the much younger and newly selected women’s varsity soccer team.

Such team-togetherness!

There are good years and bad years for the alumni.  For example, last year we wised up and had the alumni soccer dinner after the game instead of the night before (funny thing, more and more of us are over 21 each year).

Photo Courtesy of Pat Durkin

Of course, our egos are lifted if we play well and actually win, but it greatly depends on many variables like who shows up to play for the alumni (darn those young alumni that have to return to their college lives each fall!) and, for example, how stacked the varsity team is with potential all-Americans.  Anyway, it’s a great way to see some of the folks I hung out with in high school and to see how the soccer program is developing.  Plus, it is encouraging to see how many of us have stayed in shape and can still hold our own on the soccer field (all these) years later!

Emerald green grass, free Gatorade, and shiny new soccer balls - oh the simpler days high school soccer . . . Photo courtesy of Pat Durkin

Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 10:00 am  (for some reason the men will play at 4pm this year – maybe the heat will give the high schoolers a chance?!)
Ben Rios Field, St. Pius X High School

Go Sartans!



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