An $18 Bar of Soap?

You know those days when you just want to spoil yourself a little?  What do you do on those days?  New running shoes?  Manicure?  Massage?  Soap?  I chose soap.  An $18 bar of soap.  The package was pretty.

So classy!

Have you been to the Model Pharmacy?  The sign out front reads “Classic European Fragrances.  We have no common scents.”  I love it.  In addition to perfume, malts and phosphates, they carry fine Claus Porto soap which sells for $18 per bar.  It’s milled 7 times which prevents cracking and makes the bar last longer (it’s very dense).  By “longer” I mean that I’ve used the same bar for about 6 months now.  Yes, I use my bar everyday.  Also, it leaves behind less icky (as opposed to awesome) soap scum than your average bar of soap.  Did I mention it smells amazing?  that the lather is luxurious?  that the bar is huge? huge!

My husband uses the package of 15 or 20 bars from Costco.  Each one is individually wrapped.  The whole thing is like $15 or $20.  He’s gone through multiple bars and mine is still going strong.

Last but not least, the packaging is a work of art.  (By the way, you can also get Claus Porto at Duran’s Central Pharmacy.)  What do you think?  Could you commit to the same bar of soap for 6 months?



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