Durango Colorado

I had never been to little town of Durango Colorado.  I know, crazy right?  We decided to head out of town for the weekend.  I have heard so many wonderful things about Durango and I wanted to experience it for myself.  We packed up the family and headed out.  We arrived about 4 hours later to this quaint little town.  There is a lot to do here in the summer time.  We walked all over downtown and made a few wonderful stops.

Strater Hotel

We visited the Strater Hotel.  It was like going back in time and my son loved getting into the old wooden phone booths after we explained what they were :)  This hotel was built in 1887 and still has most of its original charm.  It was a lot of fun to see and the parlor, restaurant, and saloon were particularly neat to look at.

We visited the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad where visitors are able to buy train tickets and take a ride on the railroad.   They have a museum you can visit.  Times  vary and you can even walk out into the train yard.   While you are out walking around town you can hear the train tooting its horn as it passes by.  Durango has a  surfeit of happenings around town.  A few are kayaking, rafting or tubing on the Animas river, farmer’s markets, hikes, local brew pubs, and wonderful restaurants.  It was a great family mini vacation.  Do you have other small towns you like to visit?



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