San Juan National Forest, Colorado

Venturing outside New Mexico for a bit (everybody likes to get away sometimes) . . .

These mountains are gorgeous:  they seem endless, the trees are tall and green, the meadows are filled green grass and flowers, the creeks are full of fish, the hiking is great, and when city temps are in the 90s the cool mountain air is a dream.  I know, I’m gushing, but a trip to the San Juan National Forest is worth your time and effort.

Views high atop the Dolores Rd. (the west fork of the Dolores River is also in view)

The San Juan National Forest is located in the southwestern region of Colorado.  I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time in the area between Telluride and the town of Dolores.  (Roughly speaking, Durango and Pagosa Springs are at the southern edge and Telluride is near the northern edge of the San Juan National Forest.  Dolores is at the western edge.)

The camping (Mavreeso and West Dolores campgrounds are easily accesible by car), backpacking, hiking, fishing, and biking opportunities are endless.  Check out the Forest Service website for all your options.

Our favorite hike is taking the Twin Spring Trail to Stoner Creek Trail and down into Stoner Creek for fishing. 

Forested areas open to beautiful meadows (the trail is marked with posts)

Stoner Creek, Colorado

McPhee Reservoir and Recreation Area is also a beautiful place to visit.  There is fishing, camping, boating, hiking, and swimming.

View to McPhee Reservoir

We also like to spend a little bit of time foraging for raspberries and tiny strawberries.

Mountain Raspberries (usually in season around early August)

 Happy exploring this summer!  If you get a chance to venture into the San Juan National Forest tell us about it!



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