My Homemade Water Balloon Launcher!

our first time testing out our water balloon launcher

Trying to come up with new ideas that are fun and inexpensive is challenging sometimes for me.  So in an effort to try to re-use some items around my house I came up with an idea for a homemade balloon launcher.  Not only do I get to use up some items I would discard but it also helps battle the sweltering heat of August and not to mention is a lot of  fun.  We called up a few friends to test our invention and they gladly volunteered to go with us.  We filled a cooler with water balloons and headed to our local park.  We had a couple of ‘games’ we played when launching this.

Sean, launching his balloon straight up and trying to catch it

1.  We launched it straight up in air and the launcher had to try to catch their own balloon.

the boys trying to catch the balloons

2.  We had our kids stand far away and we would launch the balloons and kids would try to catch them.

Sean, trying out his skills

3.  We had an adult stand about 50 feet away and the kids would try to hit him with water balloons.

Our balloon launcher had a range up to about 300 feet!!  You could launch straight up in the air or go for distance.  It was so much fun, I can’t wait to take it to a picnic!   Here is what I used to make this.

home made water balloon launcher

1.  6 feet of flexible rubber elastic pipe.  Cut the 6ft. piece into 2-three foot pieces. (home depot)

2.  12 x 12 inch piece of durable fabric.  I used part of an old tent.  You could something like that or a pair of old jeans, old gym bag or any other durable strong fabric.

3.  A handle to launch the balloon.  I used an old knife holder.  Again, anything that is durable and strong will work.  Sew it onto the 12×12 inch piece of fabric.  This creates your handle to launch the balloon.

4.  2 12-inch pieces of an old garden hose.  I would recommend buying PVC pipe instead.  Ours worked fine but it was a little harder for the kids to hold.  It would be easier for them if they had a solid handle to use.

Send us a message if you have any questions on how to do this.  I think you can get a pretty good idea from my photos.  Have fun in the sun!



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