Downtown Farmer’s Market

downtown farmer's market

downtown farmer's market

Farmer’s markets are one of the oldest markets around where you can buy directly from a farmer or grower on a weekly basis.  These special places can be found all over the world from South America to Asia.  They have increased popularity here in the United States and they have especially caught on here in New Mexico.  With the current trend of buying local and organic produce I cannot think of a better way to buy produce, meats, local cheese, flowers, and native plants.  Farmer’s markets have become a ritual to most shoppers who frequent them every Saturday morning.  I visited my local downtown growers market on Saturday and found a plethora of different local items ranging from produce to herbal soaps and grass-fed beef to decadent chocolates.  There are also booths with local native plants for landscaping, breakfast burritos, pastries and art vendors.  Please click here for a list of local farmer’s markets in the Albuquerque area.  Do you have a favorite farmer’s market you frequent?



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