Summer is for Smoothies

I’ve gone on a blender bender.  Seems to me that it’s a darn good way to use those fruits and veggies that are on the verge of going bad.  Basically, I’ve got frozen blueberries, flax, and honey on hand to add to every smoothie.  From there, I add in whatever is available:  bananas, apples, strawberries, kale, beets, flavored home-brewed teas (like hibiscus from NM Tea Company), soy milk, Greek yogurt, etc.  (If it’s an all fruit smoothie you don’t even need to sweeten with honey.)  Smoothies are perfect for the morning:  they’re portable, light, and fresh.

Beets were the surprise winner for me.  Last night I tried a mixture of blueberries, kale, beets, orange juice, water, ice, flax, and honey.  It was a beautiful deep berry color (watch out for those stains!) and tasted amazing.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fresh (peeled) beets had a more mellow taste than roasted or otherwise cooked beets.  Beware that kale (I remove the stems) will add a touch of earthy flavor to your smoothie but it’s mostly overpowered by any fruits I toss in.

I have been using all raw veggies and fruits to keep things light and fresh (and easy).  After adding blueberries or orange juice, I don’t need to add sugar.  (I do like a touch of honey though.)  And I love that I can get a serving of vegetables -especially a dark leafy green like kale – incorporated into my breakfast!

Try it out for yourself next time you’ve got some extra fruits or veggies on hand.  What are your favorite smoothie combinations?  Check out this website for plenty of recipe inspiration.



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