Organic Heirloom Mesclun

Using iceberg lettuce for your salads can get a little boring. This summer I tried mesclun. It’s tastier, more nutritious, easier to harvest as-needed, and just looks a whole lot prettier on your plate! I planted seeds around the end of March and was able to begin harvesting by late April.

We’ve been experiementing with a drip watering system and I credit the regular watering for the success of the mesclun. It’s still going strong three months after we planted it. (This is surprising considering the hot temperatures we’ve had in Albuquerque.) For harvesting, I just clear cut one or two inces from the base of the plant.

Aside from salads, mesclun is perfect in wraps or chopped and used to top off your tacos and enchiladas.

Bon appétit!



4 responses to “Organic Heirloom Mesclun

  1. I’d be interested in getting some seeds for next year…

    • I haven’t figured out how to harvest mesclun seeds. Maybe I’ll let a few of the plants keep growing to see if they bloom and produce seeds. Otherwise, I know Whole Foods carries Botanical Interests seed packets. This is definitely a crop that you can plant in a small planter on a porch or patio.

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