My Love Affair With Recycled Art

the flowers my husband bought for me

The cliché you always hear is ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’  I don’t know who coined this phrase, but I would guess that the person who said this had no idea how unconventionally true this statement has become.  With the current trend of being ‘green’ and recycling just about everything, creative people everywhere are making beautiful art pieces.

I just love recycled art, it is one of those things that tugs at my heart.  When I look at recycled art I am always impressed at how creative people can be and especially my husband, who, to my knowledge had no artistic ability what so ever.  This is how I discovered his artsy side…

I was complaining to my husband one day that he never buys me flowers and in fact, in the 11 years that we have been married he had only bought me flowers twice.  His response to my complaint was, ‘It’s a waste of money because they just die anyways.’  I scrunched my nose and eyes at him and after thinking about it, I had to agree that he was right.  One day, he surprised me with my Nambe vase filled with recycled tin flowers that he bought in Seattle that someone had made.  This was the first recycled are piece I had ever seen — much less owned.

This started a love affair and now recycled art can be seen in my home and around my yard.  Here are a few of the things my husband has made for me.  Do you have recycled art in your home?  Did you  make it yourself?  Send us some pics of your recycled art.


a spider

a butterfly


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