Salida Colorado and the 15th Annual Brewers Rendezvous

salida colorado brewers rendezvous

the entry to the brewers rendezvous

The month of July is really a busy time for us.  We have wine festival, soccer, swim lessons and birthdays to attend.  One event we never miss is the Brewers Rendezvous in Salida Colorado.  We look forward to this partly because it is an inexpensive trip, we camp and travel time in our vehicle takes only about 5 hours.  Most importantly, we get a break from the CRAZY heat in Albuquerque and all while enjoying thirst quenching local Colorado breweries.  Who wouldn’t enjoy that on a hot summer day?

arkansas river, Salida

watching the rafters in the Arkansas River

The Brewers Rendezvous takes place in a park in downtown Salida that is right on the Arkansas River.  Many festival go-ers bring their chairs, picnic blankets, silly hats, and costumes.  When  it gets to hot we dip our feet in the crisp water while watching kayakers and rafters paddle by.  The weather is perfect with a high of only 80 degrees which makes for a great summer festival that is shaded by the abundance of trees in the park.  This year we met some friends there.  Some of us camped and some of us stayed in hotels but whatever comfort level we chose was made for a fun and fantastic trip.

the whole gang meeting at the festival

If you have a few hours and want a cool place to visit, go to Salida.  It is a cute, quaint little town where the people are friendly, the outdoor activities are abundant and it is fun for the entire family.  We plan on taking our son up there in the next few weeks.  They have a zip line that my husband is dying to try along with rafting and kayaking excursions.  The mountain biking and hiking is also excellent.  If you get tired of the outdoors the aquatic center is a perfect break.




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