Laser hair removal anyone?

Laser hair removal anyone?

I don’t know about you but I am fed up with waxing!  I go to a salon to get my eyebrows and upper lip waxed with ALWAYS the same result – bumps and redness that persist for an entire week.  I have tried very upscale salons and spas that  ‘promise’ not to leave you with bumps, I have tried hard wax, exfoliating and neutralizing my skin’s pH.  You name it – I have tried it, and all with the same disappointing results.  So in my frustration with the curse of sensitive skin, I thought I would give laser hair removal a try.

I did my research and found what I thought was a reputable place here in town.  It had received a ‘Best of ABQ’ award and they also had the latest technology, which made me feel good about my decision.  Upon arrival at the business I was not impressed.  I could not read the paperwork I was signing and the woman who was administering my procedure was wearing a baseball cap and gym clothes.  However, I went ahead with the procedure.

All I can say is that it was AMAZING!  The woman put a slimy gel on my upper lip, asked me to put on some silly looking glasses and then she started on what I call my ‘problem area.’  It took about 2 minutes to do my upper lip and it was less painful than being waxed.  It felt like someone was very lightly flicking a rubber band on my upper lip.   Before I knew it, I was done!  I had no bumps or redness on my skin and no other reactions to it that could be seen.  However, I did feel like I had a mild sunburn on my upper lip for about two days but it wasn’t visible. I am very pleased with the results and I am going to be making plans for my eyebrows next.   I highly recommend laser hair removal if you are tired of wasting your money on waxing.  Have any of you tried something out of your comfort zone?



2 responses to “Laser hair removal anyone?

  1. I am having my bikini line and under arms done and I have been very happy with the entire experience. I choose Nuaura and was very happy with the consultation before the actual procedure. They gave a very thorough explanation of the procedure and the results I could expect. They also run specials on their website.

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