Urban Escape

Next time you need to relax, but you don’t have the time to drive to a hot spring and you don’t have the cash for a full spa day, I suggest Albuquerque Baths.  The concept is inspired by the long history of communal bathing:  Japanese bathhouses, Russian banyas, and Scandinavian saunas.  Longing for some quiet and relaxing time to spend with my dear mom, we visited Albuquerque Baths one afternoon this week.

We arrived at around 2:30pm and stayed until about, gulp, 6:30pm.  In the ladies’ locker room we changed into our swimsuits, rinsed off and headed outside to the quiet and cozy courtyard.  There, we alternated from deck chairs to the hot tub to the plunge pool (neither of us could bear the sauna that hot afternoon); often just dangling our legs and feet into the water.  During the time we were there, only 5 others arrived and left in the pool area.  The courtyard walls sheltered us from the surrounding sounds of the city and a peaceful waterfall contributed to the tranquility of the afternoon.  I highly recommend this as a great way to spend the afternoon by yourself, with your spouse, family, or friends.  (I know, I’m very thankful to have taken the time off for such mellow afternoon.)

In addition to the sauna, hot tub, and plunge pool, Albuquerque Baths offers massage, body scrubs, and salt glows.  For access to the pools and sauna it’s $15 per person, or $10 from 10am to 3pm.  Spa services are extra.  Their pools are filled with bromine; only residential pools may use salt water.  Click here for some info about bromine.  (Basically, it’s less irritating than chlorine and definitely does not smell as strong.)

Next time you need a quick escape, consider your local bath house :)

1218 Broadway NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Telephone: (505) 243-3721
(By the way, there is a ladies’ only session where swimsuits are optional.)

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