“Pillows Made Fresh Daily!” – Sachi Organics

A local shop, Sachi Organics, produces organic pillows daily and sells them right here in Albuquerque.  My first thought upon hearing about organic pillows was “Why?  I’m not ingesting it”  Then I started thinking, “Well, I do rest my pretty little head on on it for 7-8 hours at night; breathing into it and my eyelashes grazing the material as I blink.”  I’ve decided that a pillow is a rather intimate object.

My last pillow was a memory foam pillow.  Before that, I slept on a down pillow.  (What’s your pillow preference?)  The down pillow became too flat and I was constantly trying to fluff it up.  Hence, the memory foam.  That was nice at first.  My head would sink in with my neck still comfortably supported.  But it was kind of hot and, now, the thing is like a brick.  So, I found myself in the market for a new pillow and I happened upon Sachi Organics, a shop in Nob Hill that is family-run and produces and sells organic pillows, bedding, and mattresses.  (They also sell locally made beds.)  All organically certified, they use cotton, kapok, wool, and buckwheat hulls for their pillows.

The shop itself is simple and straightforward:  retail space is in front with a view of the sewing area and with more production space in the back.  This purveyor was friendly and the building feels fresh – maybe a reflection of the pillows?  It was a welcome departure from shopping at discount warehouses or huge department stores where pillows are wrapped in plastic and stuffed into large bins.

After testing out the pillows on their comfortable mattress, I chose the kapok filled pillow.  Niccolo (he who made and sold my new pillow) informed me that it’s their most popular pillow and often used as a substitute for down pillows.  After one night of rest with my new locally made organic pillow, I’m rested and happy.  Here’s to good pillows and sleeping well!

Sachi Organics

Nob Hill (Production and Showroom)
3708 Central Ave. SE

Santa Fe (Showroom)
523 W. Cordova Rd



4 responses to ““Pillows Made Fresh Daily!” – Sachi Organics

  1. Hmmmmmmmm! Can’t say I’ve ever contemplated an organic pillow… didn’t know they existed. Thanks for the “heads” up! ;0) Who among us doesn’t enjoy a fluffy, cloud like pillow?!?!

  2. Just wondering how much an organic pillow costs?

    • The one I bought was $69. Not cheap, for me anyway. I believe the organic cotton one was about $59 and the organic wool pillow was $79. The website might have the pricing information available. Alas, I justify these expenses by telling myself that it’s my equivalent of a couple of pedicures, shoes, or whatever other vice I’ve manage to avoid.

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