The San Pedro Wilderness

the view at 10,000+ feet. Beautiful!

Over the course of a few weeks the ‘San Pedro Wilderness‘ had been brought up on many occasions.  So, I did some research and convinced my husband to take me up there for a backpacking trip over Father’s Day weekend.  He LOVED this idea and of course couldn’t refuse such a request.  So, we packed our backpacks with about 30 lbs. and left on a Friday afternoon.  The drive took us about 1.5 hours and I must say it was well worth it!

the one mile hike to San Gregorio Lake

We ended up at a beautiful trail at about 10,000 feet.  The hike was a mile long on Trail 51 to San Gregorio Lake.  We found the perfect spot to spend the night and set up camp.  After, we explored the area around the entire lake and found some pretty amazing sights!

red pine cones? Are there such a thing?

Some of the things we found included a meadow of flowers, some beautiful hosta type plants, red pine cones and a crystal clear lake.

can you find me? 'Hosta' type plants?

What I especially loved about San Gregorio Lake is that it is not crowded like the Jemez and the weather was nice and cool.  It was wonderful to get away from the heat of Albuquerque.  I loved the crisp mountain air and I can’t wait to go back!  We hiked about 4 miles total on friday and totally killed it at 10,000+ feet!

Good things to know…..

1. It’s free! even the parking.

2.  No campfires!

3.  Pack in/Pack out.  There are no garbage cans.

Happy Hiking!



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