A Twilight Hike in the Bosque

My recent ventures to the Rio Grande Nature center have opened my eyes to a lot of fun outdoor activities that our city has to offer.  When we visited last week I came across a flyer that advertised a ‘twilight hike in the bosque’.  This caught my attention because I couldn’t recall a hike that I had been on in the bosque at night.  I signed our family up right away and was excited to see what it would be like.  We met at the Rio Grande Nature center at 7:30 p.m. and paid the $3 parking fee.  The walk was free and I even persuaded a number of friends and family members to join us.   :)

This hike was kid friendly and we were led by some volunteer educators.  The course we followed was a two-mile loop that was an easy slow-paced stroll.

the small black dot on the top left side of this photo is a bat

We stopped at different points along the way to listen to the wild-life.  We heard coyotes, toads, swallows, hummingbirds, and ducklings.  My favorite animal that we encountered were bats.  They were flying above the trees and eating insects.  This hike wasn’t what I expected because we didn’t really use our eyes to explore we used our other senses.  Our hike ended while the

the moon as we ended our twilight hike

moon was rising and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The Rio Grande Nature Center offers twilight hikes in the Bosque whenever there is a full moon but you have to call them to make a reservation.





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