geocaching- a fun family workout

finding geocaching treasures in the bosque

‘Geocaching?   What the heck is that?’ is what I said when my husband  wanted to explore this new hobby.  I have finally convinced him to write a post about it!  Here is what he has to say……..  It all started while talking with a friend at a birthday party.  Because of him, I have spent just about every weekend searching for hidden treasure with my son, sometimes my wife and anyone who is interested.  After doing some research, I purchased a GPS unit called theGeomate Jr.  It is a very simple GPS that is used to guide you to the nearest cache.  My five-year old son uses this GPS and I like it because all I have to do is turn it on and it points to the direction of the nearest cache.  It tells you how many miles away or how many feet away you are, and it also lists them by size.

writing in the log book

My son and I take the GPS on hikes, and during the hike, we turn it on.  The Geomate has led us to some great peaks and interesting places all over Albuquerque and its surrounding areas. So far, we have only found the larger caches.  They are usually in ammo boxes or Tupperware containers.  Inside the cache, you find silly little toys and a log.  It is the finder’s responsibility to sign the log and if you decide to take a toy, you must leave one of equal or higher value in its place.

My next goal is to create my own cache with my son.  I can’t wait to see how quickly it is discovered, what comments people have to say about our hiding spot, and what people leave instead of the items I have place in there.  I have always loved hiking but now that we get to find something,  it makes it even more enjoyable!


I have had fun searching for cache’s with my family in the bosque.  I’m pleasantly surprised to see how many are in our north valley neighborhood.  It has also proven to be a great babysitter!  My niece and nephew had never been geocaching before and we spent 2 hours searching for caches one afternoon.  This is a great way to teach children how to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors.  Happy Caching!!



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