Being Water Conscious is Easy!

At our house we are always trying to conserve water and reduce our use.  We have purchased several rain barrels and put them around different areas of our home, but we felt like we needed to do more.  So, in an effort to help reduce our water waste, we purchased two 3 gallon buckets and have placed one in the sink and one in the bathroom.   You may be asking yourself, what is the purpose of that?    Whenever we are ready to bathe we fill up the bucket with water until it gets warm.  It is amazing to actually see how much water is being wasted.   Our hot water heater wastes about 3 gallons of water while trying to reach our master bedroom.  Our son’s bathroom wastes about 2 gallons and our kitchen wastes only about ½ gallon.  All of these gallons of water throughout the month and year really add up.  I came up with a figure of how much water our family was wasting by letting it go down the drain just by showering alone.  Here is what I found out…

2 adults and 1 child taking a shower/bath everyday= 8 gallons of wasted water a day at our home.

8 gallons wasted x 30 showers per month =240 gallons of water wasted a month

240 gallons wasted water per month x 12 months= 2,880 gallons of wasted water a year!

That is right, 2,880 gallons of water going down the drain a year for showering!  This is unacceptable and appalling to me, so in an effort to rid me of my guilt, we now keep a bucket in the shower and take the water outside to our plants.  This has reduced our usage and our water bill, while granting us the opportunity to have a beautiful garden and lush yard while conserving water.  It is amazing to see what is literally ‘going down the drain’, (pardon the pun).  I bet you could water your garden or at the very least, your potted flowers with the amount of water that is wasted while waiting for your shower to get warm.   Please try out this experiment and let me know what your findings are.  I think you will be surprised!



5 responses to “Being Water Conscious is Easy!

  1. This is a great idea!

  2. What about a hot water recirculating pump?

  3. Informative post! I am using rain barrels too in our home, and its a big help to save waters. :)

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