Gardening: Spinach Bordeaux

Spinach Bordeaux sounds so much fancier than regular Popeye spinach, doesn’t it?  Anyway, that was my basis for trying to grow it this year.

Refined maybe, but not fussy. It’s the most productive crop we’ve had so far this year.  I planted the seeds (Botanical Interests Spinach Bordeaux, a hybrid) in our planter boxes back in early January.  I planted 2 rows about 7’ long.  They sprouted and were hardy enough to survive that ridiculous cold snap in early February even though I only covered them with old sheets and plastic containers.

Harvest:  I’ve been harvesting since mid-March. I tried harvesting leaf by leaf and also by cutting the whole plant at about 1” above the base.  Frankly, both methods seem to result in equally productive re-growth.  After the first couple of harvests, the birds gained interest and so the crop became a little scraggly.  We’ve since installed a homeade pvc/chicken wire lid to keep the birds away.

Taste and Eat:  The leaves are gorgeous with burgundy stems and veins.  They taste great and seem to have less oxalic acid than store-bought spinach – although this is only based on my personal observations.  (Oxalic acid is the stuff that can cause your teeth to feel like there is a film on them after eating spinach.)  Spinach Bordeaux is good raw or cooked.  I quickly sauté the leaves with olive oil and serve with sautéed onions on a bed of farro or quinoa.

Succession Planting:  In early March we planted 2 more rows about 3’ long and the plants are producing.

Next Year:  I wouldn’t change a thing, but I’d like to add another variety.  Suggestions?


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