Trail Riding in the Bosque; An Elementary Run

the trail I was on

I have never used my Trek mountain bike on any other surface but a paved trail until now.  I loaded my bike onto my bike rack and headed out to a trail on Rio Grande and Paseo del Norte.  I rode the paved trail along the river north and could not find any good access points for trail riding.  So I just rode all the way to Montano and  then back to Alameda Blvd. where I thought I would find something good there.  I crossed under the bridge and found an AWESOME trail on the West side of the river.  My bike is not equipped right now to be out on trails because I have ‘slicks’ on my tires.

the view from my ride

With that being said, I went ahead anyways  just to see what it was like. Let me tell you, that trail riding in the bosque is my new obsession!  It was exhilarating, endorphin packed, and so much fun even by myself!  I went 3 times last week and each day I go a little further and further out.  Last week I rode for an hour and it was AMAZING!  The trails are mostly packed so you don’t have to worry about sand (there are few areas about 10 feet long).  There are tiny little hills, a few bumps, windy turns and a few other obstacles – but that is what makes it fun!  I also didn’t clip into my bike because balancing in this terrain with my slick tires was a little bit hard.

Mel and Justin- I met them on my ride

Needless to say, I will be going to REI this week to have some different tires put on my bike.  I also happened to meet a few other riders on my journey.  Mel and Justin told me that the trail that I was on heads all the way to Bernalillo, a 13 mile trek each way.  I can’t wait to make my way all the way down the trail.  You should give this trail a trial run.  I guarantee that riding on a paved trail will be a thing of the past!


And a quick side note today . . . An Elementary Run:  There are flashy races with lots of schwag and camera crews; and there are the races that keep things old school.  There is an exceptionally sweet group of kids that will be running one mile around their school this Saturday.  The students of Mary Ann Binford Elementary School will participate in the Janice Saavedra Fun Run, a noncompetitive run/walk.  The children are running in memory of Janice Saavedra, their P.E. teacher who worked at the school for more than 30 years and started the longest standing conflict manager program in the state.  She died of cancer in 2010.  But her students keep her memory alive.  I ran with them last year and it was truly inspiring to see them come together with their teachers and parents to tackle this one mile run.  If you need a shot of hope and joy stop by and cheer or join in the fun.

Janice Saavedra Fun Run (1 mile noncompetitive run/walk)
Saturday, May 7th
Mary Ann Binford Elementary School, 1400 Corriz SW, Albuquerque, NM
Registration time is 8:15 am and start time is 9:00 am
All ages welcome.  This is a free event.



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