Easter Happenings

Easter is so much more fun with kiddos!  Having an only child is a bit challenging when it comes to holidays.  Easter being one of those, we get him out to socialize with others in our community.  On Saturday we went to the Los Ranchos Easter Egg Hunt at Hartnett Park.  We rode our bikes because the park is just down the road and I don’t have to worry about getting there early to find a parking spot.  The hunt started at 10 a.m. sharp and was over five minutes later.  5,000 eggs don’t go very far when there are hundreds of kids out on the park!  Overall, it was a good time and good practice for Easter Sunday.  Sunday we celebrated Easter with our family and my son had a great time playing with his cousins,  hunting for eggs, eating candy, and flying kites.  What a fun weekend!

Confetti eggs are best when served as a surpise! You can see they leave just the tiniest bit of confetti in your hair.  The marshmallow guns were a blast, if not a little slobbery sometimes – gross I know, but worth the fun!  (The plastic egg/prize exchange worked out wonderfully too.  What’s better than cousins and farting silly putty?)

We hope you had a beautiful weekend!  Check in tomorrow to see what we’re up to next . . .



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