Recycled Art = Fun, Fun, Fun

On Saturday we ventured over to the Open Space off Coors between Paseo Del Norte and Montano for the third annual Recycled Art Fair.  There were plenty of cars upon our arrival and not to mention a few of you rode your bikes.

The surroundings were gorgeous and the people were friendly just like I had anticipated.  There was plenty of recycled art to be found here.  There were paintings that had been painted on kitchen cabinets, found canvas, plywood and other found objects.

 There were interesting solar lights  and fun whimsical metal dragon flies, insects and birds.  The beautiful handmade furniture pieces made from reclaimed wood were amongst my favorite.  This event was very kid friendly, with a lot of activities for children to make their own recycled art pieces.

Wildlife Tree Trunk Carving

There were also demonstrations about composting and recycling.  It was very educational and I think there was a little something for everyone at  the art fair.  The Open Space building is fairly new and the atmosphere overlooks pastures and the Bosque.  If you haven’t been there yet go and take a look.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!



2 responses to “Recycled Art = Fun, Fun, Fun

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