Happy Hour: Kayaking

Here’s the quick and dirty for last Wednesday night:
Kayak Happy Hour = Exercise = Endorphins = Happy People

People were happy just thinking about getting in the water

After 2 hours of sloshing around in a kayak in a pool with 20 others doing the same, I was on cloud nine.

Kelly Gossett navigating the waters like a shark

Kelly Gossett of  New Mexico Kayak Instruction, Inc.  hosts a kayaking party of sorts every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month where newbies and experienced kayakers alike let loose in a huge pool and practice their moves or splash around in the game of the night.  All are welcome at the Happy Hour kayaking session put on by NMKI at Los Altos Pool and NMKI will provide the equipment.  It’s $8 if you have your own gear and $13 if you need them to provide it for you – a bargain if you ask me.  (You just have to let him know 24 hours in advance if you need equipment.)

all in a night at Kayak HH

I’ve been in a kayak about twice in the last 10 years so this was still kind of new to me.  Sway actually owns a tandem kayak so I’d say she had the edge in the experience department here.  Either way, both of us thoroughly enjoyed the night.  Bonus for people with crappy knees – it’s exercise without heavy impact on the knee joints!

jockeying for position

By the way, my single lady friends, there were more than a few seemingly unattached, fit, and friendly male participants at this unconventional happy hour . . .



2 responses to “Happy Hour: Kayaking

  1. How fun! This TOTALLY inspires me to kayak more in the 512!

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