Spring fun in Corrales

on the way to the tour

The inaugural Corrales Bike and Wine Tour went on wind or shine and we were there to experience and support it.  It was just a little windy to say the least, but it was fun for all.    The tour started out with a trek to Acequia Winery.  The hill up to the winery was a little intimidating but we made it up to the top in the lowest gear our bikes would go.

Acequia Winery

The wines at Acequia Winery quenched our palettes along with some bruchetta that complimented it well.  The ride down the hill to the next winery was much more enjoyable.

The view form Corrales Winery

Our second stop was Corrales Winery.   The wines were great and the view of the Sandia Mountains were spectacular considering the weather.  I can only imagine what it looks like on a clear day.  They are also the only solar-powered winery in the State.

Mark Matheson

Finally, our last stop was Matheson Winery, where we were greeted by the owner.  He was very personable to talk to,  the wines were delicious and the wine bar was chic. Overall this event was a lot of fun despite the 60 mph wind gusts.   Our six-mile bike ride quickly turned into ten, but I am not complaining.  I had good company and a little vino always makes everything better!



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