Corrales Bike and Wine Tour

We are eagerly anticipating the first annual Corrales Bike and Wine Tour this Saturday, April 9th!  This will be the second ‘event’ that The Wellness Experiment will be participating in and after last week’s Tingley Beach Trek, I am looking forward to it.   I can’t wait to sample wine, ride with my friends and see Corrales in spring on my bike.

What the heck is this?! The Corrales bike and wine tour is exactly what is sounds like…..You ride your bike and sample wine along the way.

I don’t know about you, but I could not think of a more stupendous way to sample wine while sneaking in some exercise.  You may be asking yourself, ‘who is the genius behind this idea?’  His Name is Dana- founder of and this is what he says you can expect on this adventure:  “The ride is a relaxing 6 mile ride stopping every 2 miles to mingle and taste and view.  We recommended all-terrain bikes, however one is not required.”  If you don’t have a bike and would still like to participate you can rent one from Stevie’s Happy Bikes in Corrales (Limited supplies please call to reserve 505-897-7900)  or  Rancho at High desert Bicycles (505-896-4701).  Better yet, borrow one from your neighbor.

What wineries will be available for tastings?  Local wineries of course!  Those include Corrales Winery, Acequia Winery, and Matheson Winery.  The Oasis Cafe will also have dinner options at the end of the event with live music.    Wine will be available to purchase and will be delivered to your car at the end of the tour. How convenient!  You can also click here for more information or visit

I asked Dana, how did you come up this idea?  He said, “As we were adding these wineries as clients to our site back in December; they had mentioned that they have been wanting to organize something together for a few years now to bring exposure to Corrales wineries.  I had the idea from Argentina, wonderful place to Bike and Taste, so fun I had to bring it back here.”

More to Come: If for some reason you weren’t able to make it to Corrales for the first Bike and Wine Tour, don’t worry-you will have an opportunity to attend more events.  Dana said, “Our next event is not wellness related, unless you feel that lifting a pint glass to your lips for five hours is a Wellness exercise. :-) We are taking over the October festival in Rio Rancho, moving it back to Haynes park and bringing in 6-12 local breweries for tasting and pouring with great music, dancing, and foods. This will be September 30th. As far as wellness we are looking to do a local Yoga retreat for a weekend.”  We are all looking forward to this and hope you join us this weekend.

What:  Corrales Bike and Wine Tour (This is a Donation only event suggested donation $3) FREE New Mexico discount card for participants to use at local restaurants.

Where: 3896 Corrales Road (Cottonwood Learning School parking lot) Corrales, NM, 87408. Register Between 11:30-1:30 p.m. (map)

When: Saturday, April 9, 2011. 11:30 am-4:30 p.m.

More info:  505-379-5072,

Check back with us on Monday to find out how the ride went and view photos!

On Tuesday, we’ll post the plans for our next Wellness Experience . . .


4 responses to “Corrales Bike and Wine Tour

  1. Dope! Wish I would of read this one sooner. Looking forward to finding more fun outdoor events like this to fill my summer.

  2. Thank you die hard Bike and Wine tour Friends. You made the event very successful and we are planning the following Bike and Wine tour. Thanks to you all it will big bigger and better.