A Good Time for All

I was not expecting to break a sweat Saturday morning! My white wrist band was supposed to be just for looks, but I used it to wipe my brow after that grueling Tingley BeachTrek! Not once, but 2 times around – that was the deal. We ran, did burpees, hauled buckets of river water (repeatedly if you weren’t careful), tip-toed on logs over sloshy mud and water, and skillfully, or not, tossed frisbees into their rightful place. A glorious start to summer!


The overall female winner finished with an 18:something time and the overall male winner finished with a 15:something time. My time was somewhere in the 22:something category. You might guess that Troy was the overall costume winner, what with his mesh top skimming over a pretty pink top. There were so many era-appropriate eighties outfits it was a bit hard to choose the best. Nevertheless, the winners were awarded a thirst-busting growler of La Cumbre beer. Afterward, everyone celebrated with a cold one.

after-race decompression session

Depending on the after-race beer you chose, according to race-organizer Jon, Saturday may have been a “positive calorie day” despite the effort put forth on the Tingley Beach Trek course. No matter, I felt great and had a heck of a time!  Overall, tons of fun and well-worth the effort!



One response to “A Good Time for All

  1. We had a blast putting the event on, and watching all of the eighties costumes flash by. Great work to all who participated and helped!

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